Discover local stories of the Matakana Coast

Discover local stories of the Matakana Coast, Auckland’s playground covering from Puhoi to Te Hana including the beautiful area between Te Arai and Pakiri.  The region is an easy escape from normal life for Aucklanders and their visitors or a great day trip for those visiting Auckland for a concert/show or travelling through to the stunning region of Northland.   You’ll love discovering our unique artesian experiences, boutique shopping, visit the beautiful white sand beaches that offer great swimming and surfing, explore the bush, scenery and get to meet some of the characterful local’s who call the Matakana Coast home.

To get a deeper insight into life here on the Matakana Coast, and track down the best surfing beach or the perfect walk for your group we have created this space for you.  Here you can hear from locals, keep up to date with school holiday options and plan your family holiday break on the Matakana Coast.  Prior to visiting you can learn about the history and heritage of the region, find out about the hidden gems in the various villages and townships that make up this region.  Hear from our local winemakers around what is happening in the vineyards and what their favourite time of the year is.

A fantastic way to discover the Matakana Coast is on foot, exploring the many regional walking tracks.  Stand in awe of the magnificent Kauri Trees at Parry Kauri Park, take a sheltered and leisurely bush walk that features a waterfall and swimming hole from Matheson Bay or follow a coastal pathway from Pakiri to Goat Island   If you prefer a challenge hit the yourself on the Dome Valley or Mt Tamahunga walks for spectacular views.

Hear from a number of locals as they share why they love to work, live and play on the Matakana Coast, ultimately giving you the reason why you should visit and discover everything this region has to offer.

If you’re passionate about discovering places, here’s were nature lovers, city trippers, trekkers, discoverers, sightseers, foodies – meet.