Food & Drink

Discover a foodie’s paradise on the Matakana Coast.  From food trucks to fine dining, enjoy locally grown and harvested artisan food and wine.

Journey from farm gate to plate, on the Matakana Coast. 

Our food story is all about provenance. Wherever you dine, there’s a good chance that food on your plate or the drink in your glass has been raised, caught, harvested, roasted, pressed, fermented, distilled or baked right here in the region – if not right outside the restaurant door.

Think farm-raised meat and produce, free-range eggs, fruit from local orchards, fish fresh from the sea and award-winning gelato, cheese, chocolate and olive oil.

Wake up to the aromas of freshly roasted coffee and bread, or stop by a boutique winery, brewery or distillery for a premium tasting and a platter to match.  Follow around your favourite food truck at the top summer spots.

No wonder they call the Matakana Coast ‘a foodie’s paradise’.