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Omaha and Surrounds

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Omaha Holiday Houses

Locally owned and operated, Omaha Holiday Houses specialises in property management and short-term rental accommodation for Omaha and its surrounds. From booking reservations to property maintenance, OHH provides unparalleled service

Omaha Holiday Houses are the longest-standing letting agent in the region and boast a wide variety of properties under management. We cater to all types of holiday homes – from high-end, beach-front homes to the quintessential kiwi bach.

A local touch:
Locally owned and operated, we pride ourselves in high-quality care for homeowners and a smooth and enjoyable stay for guests – property management at its finest.

How to get started:
At Omaha Holiday Houses we want to make renting your holiday home as simple as possible for you. If you are interested in unlocking the value of your property and having a house appraisal please give us a call.

Our services include:
– Full property management
– Short-term rental management
– Landscape
– Project management
– Property m...

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