Goat Island Dive & Snorkel

142a Pakiri Road, Leigh

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Our famous Guided Snorkel Experience with our professional dive-masters is a fun and safe way to explore the Goat Island Marine Reserve.

We offer everything Scuba and Snorkeling in the Goat Island Marine Reserve.  Auckland´s #1 Under Water Adventure!
Guided snorkel tours for beginners and advanced
Try a scuba dive, for first-time divers
Guided dives (for certified divers)
Dive courses (get your scuba license)
School programs
Snorkel hire
Scuba hire
Air fills
We have a retail store loaded with snorkeling, swimming and dive gear.

Goat Island Marine Reserve is the first fully protected marine reserve in the world, which creates amazing snorkeling and diving opportunities. We have guided tours for both beginners and advanced, or if you would like to hire the equipment, pop in and pick up before hitting the beach.
Our brilliant team can teach you how to scuba dive or if you´re already certified – guide you around the reserve showing...

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