Goat Island Marine Reserve, Leigh

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Enjoy New Zealand’s marine life up close in your very own 100% clear kayak at Motu Hāwere ā Maki (Goat Island) Marine Reserve, Leigh.

A Clearyak allows you to explore areas that you can not access by land or by motor boat while not impacting the delicate ecosystem in the reserve.  As you gently paddle the clear waters, you’ll see a wonderful variety of fish and perhaps even eagle rays and stingrays swimming just below you.

Goat Island Marine Reserve is the only place in NZ to clearyak.  This unique experience is unlike any other kayaking adventure, allowing you to marvel at the marine life that swims below the surface without getting wet!

Call us on 020 4 CLR YAK (0204257925) or if no answer 0210684862.