Puhoi Valley ‘Midwinters taste of Matakana Coast’

275 Ahuroa Road

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Saturday 31st July 2021, 5.30pm
Puhoi Valley Café – ‘Midwinter Evening Feast’ A collaboration of local tastes & flavours from some of our regions food & beverage producers.

Puhoi township is nestled between gentle green hills and a lazy river and is the gateway to the Matakana Coast region when travelling north from Auckland City.  Providing the perfect location to host a Midwinter Evening Feast at the famous Puhoi Valley Café & Cheese Store.
This evening will give guests the opportunity to taste a collaboration of local flavours, from food and beverage producers, from all over the Matakana Coast region.  Our chef has drawn inspiration from our award-winning cheeses and flavours created by producers such as Matakana Coffee Roasters then thoughtfully paired with wine and beer from Matakana Estate Winery and 8 Wired Brewery.  Guests will not go home hungry or disappointed.

This Midwinter Evening Feast will ensure tha...

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Saturday 31st July from 5:30pm

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