Brick Bay Harvest Feast

17 Arabella Lane, Snells Beach 0920, Warkworth, Auckland, New Zealand

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Wednesday 28th July 12pm – 4pm

Enjoy a four-course Farm to Table Feast and discover how terroir is part of the ethos at Brick Bay.

From the planting of the first vines three decades ago, to the olive grove, orchards and extensive kitchen gardens, the Brick Bay vision is driven by love for this land and a desire to offer visitors a closer connection with the terroir.

Terroir is a French term used by winemakers to describe the characteristic flavour of a wine derived from the natural environment in which it is produced. Factors like soil care and quality, topography and climate all impact the terroir and can give a wine a very different flavour from others produced nearby.

At Brick Bay, visitors are invited to taste the wine and food on the land where it is produced, for a full sensory experience of this special place.

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